Helping People to Buy and Rent

People who live in some of the new housing estates in High Wycombe have leasehold terms which have seen unfair management charges levied and sometimes made it difficult when the time has come to sell.  Conservatives will continue with reforms to leasehold including implementing our ban on the sal

Helping People to Buy and Rent

Wycombe is an expensive part of the country.  It is hard for people, but especially young people, to afford a place to rent or buy.   

Schools: Giving Parents Choice

Conservatives believe in giving parents a choice of secondary schools for their child.  In High Wycombe, children can go to a grammar school, an all-ability school, an upper school, a faith-based school or a school which is based on co-operative principles.  


“I’m afraid there is no money.” That was Labour’s legacy to the Conservative-led coalition government of 2010. Here are some facts Labour won’t tell you about our record since. 

Poverty has fallen since 2010.


The security of our nation comes first. We will protect the British people at home and abroad, and also ensure that the democratic rights of people in Gibraltar, the Falklands and all our overseas territories are protected.


Conservation is, and always has been, at the heart of Conservatism. Our Government’s stewardship of the natural environment, its focus on protecting the countryside and reducing plastic waste, is a source of immense pride.

Climate change

Climate change is one of the biggest issues not just facing the UK - but the entire world.


As a long-term volunteer for Wycombe Homeless Connection, Conservative candidate Steve Baker is relieved and glad that a majority Conservative Government will end the blight of rough sleeping by the end of the next Parliament.

Jobs and the economy

We want Britain to be the best country in the world to start and grow a business – a place where entrepreneurs know they can build on their ideas and find success.

Police – numbers and knife crime

??? ????? ???? ?? ? ?????????? ?? ?? ???? ??? ??????? ????. One of Boris Johnson’s first actions as Prime Minister was to start recruiting 20,000 new police officers. These new officers will take violent criminals off the streets and protect us and our country.