Steve Baker wins 'Politician of the Year'!

Wycombe’s Conservative MP has been named ‘Politician of the Year’ at the Civility in Politics awards. The awards seek to recognise “decent behaviour, kindness and willingness to get along”. Steve Baker won the accolade alongside veteran MP Ken Clarke.

The judges made particular reference to Steve’s speech to the House of Commons on the day that the UK left the European Union. In the speech he said:

‘‘I will celebrate. I will allow myself a smile, I’ll allow myself that glass of champagne, I will enjoy myself. But I’ll celebrate discreetly, and I will celebrate in a way which is respectful of the genuine sorrow that others are feeling at the same time.’

Steve has received £1,500 to donate to a charity of his choice – he has selected Wycombe Women’s Aid.

After learning that he had received the award, Steve said that he was ‘absolutely delighted’, and that it acted as a fantastic incentive to continue to be civil towards opponents. He continued, saying that ‘Right now, restoring public trust in politics and politicians should be a priority for everyone in Parliament.’