Town Council Information for Totteridge and Bowerdean By-Election

It has been decided that the District and County Councils will be abolished in 2020 and a new unitary authority formed. The opposition parties, instead of welcoming the reduction in bureaucracy that this will bring, want to create a new Town Council in High Wycombe, which will have very few powers but will cost a lot to set up and will have the ability to spend your money. Other candidates will use this election to promote their plan for another layer of local government in High Wycombe.

The opposition parties are confused and divided on their approach, so be sure to ask for their detailed proposals and costings. All the Town Councils in Buckinghamshire cost their residents more than the existing High Wycombe Town Committee does. In Aylesbury, where a new Town Council was created, the Town Precepts (part of the Council Tax bill) for the residents has more than doubled to pay for, among other things, 27 members of staff. The Conservatives are arguing against adding an extra layer of government as bureaucracy costs money. Unnecessary bureaucracy diverts your Council Tax away from the services everyone relies on.